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Bike Service & Repair

72 Hour Turnaround

Bike Center LTD Repair Experts

When you bring your bicycle to us for maintenance or repair, our friendly, certified technicians will assess your bikes' needs and provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. Whether your bike is in need of a minor adjustment or a major overhaul, we promise that your ride is in good hands.

Free Estimates on all Bike Service

On-The-Spot Flat Tire Changes

A service fee of $7 will be applied to all service to cover shop supplies (lube, grease, etc.)

Ask us about the express 24-hour turnaround on service! (Exclusions apply)

The installation of parts not purchased from Bike Center will be an additional $10. labor charge per part

$10. Storage fee per week for bikes left over 30 days from pickup date when we called. 

Tune Package Options

For the most comprehensive service and the best value, bring in your bike for a free estimate. We strive to complete your bike service quickly and accurately. Call (301)366-0927 

Safety Check

Ensures that your bicycle is safe to ride.


All Bolts Tighten to Torque Spec

Check Tire Wear 

Check all Cables 

Tighten Pedals 

Assess Wheels for Damage

Drivetrain Clean

Deep Cleaning Drivetrain Components


Removal of Chain, Cassette, Derailleur(s), and Crank

Individual Deep Cleaning of Components

Basic Tune

Adjusting all components of bicycle. Best to prepare bicycles for the season or for bicycles that have been in storage for an extended period of time.


Safety Check

Wheel True

Hub Adjustment

Headset Adjustment

Bottom Bracket Adjustment

Brake Adjustment

Derailleur(s) Adjustment

Lube All Components

Clean Frame & Wheels

Check Tires/Pressure

Advanced Tune

Adjusting all components of the bicycle and deep-cleaning the drivetrain.


Safety Check

Basic Tune

Drivetrain Clean

Basic Full Suspension Tune

Adjusting all components and checking rear suspension. For full suspension mountain bicycles only. 


Safety Check

Basic Tune

Removing Rear Pivot

Cleaning all Pivoting Points

Advanced Full Suspension Tune

Adjusting all components and deep cleaning drivetrain on full suspension mountain bike.


Safety Check

Basic Tune

Removing Rear Pivot

Cleaning all Pivoting Points

Deep Cleaning Drivetrain

Tandem & Recumbent Tune

Adjusting all components of tandem/recumbent bicycle.


Safety Check

Brake Adjustment

Derailleur(s) Adjustment

Bottom Bracket Adjustment

Hub Adjustment

Headset Adjustment

Wheel True

Lube all Components

Clean Frame & Wheels

Check Tires/Pressure

Pro Tune

Best for triathletes and commuters. Recommended every 3,000-5,000 miles.


Complete Disassembly of Bicycle

Check, Clean, & Lube all Components

Reassemble Bicycle

Service Options

We also offer a la carte bike repairs if you're in need of a minor fix or adjustment.  See our comprehensive list below.

Brake Service

Brake Adjustment$35

Brake Bleed (Each)$55

Brake Lever Flatbar  Install (Each)$45

Rim Brake Pad Install (Per Wheel)$40

Disc Brake Pad Install (Per Wheel)$35

Brake Rotor Install$40

Brake Caliper Install $50+

External Brake Cable Install$40 

Internal Brake Cable Install                 $60

Derailleur Service

Derailleur Adjustment$35

Front Derailleur Install                             $65

Rear Derailleur Install$65

Derailleur Hanger Install$80

External Shifter Cable Install$40

Internal Shifter Cable Install$60

Drivetrain Clean$85

Wheel Service

Wheel Build (Parts not included)$90

Front Wheel Install$40

Rear Wheel Install$55

Front Hub Adjustment$30

Front Hub Overhaul$55

Rear Hub Adjustment$40

Rear Hub Overhaul$65

Spoke Replacement$55

Tire/Tube Install (Per Wheel)$20

Tubeless Tire Setup (Per Wheel)$55

Cassette/Freewheel Install$40

Wheel True$30

Bottom Bracket Service

Chain Install$20

Crank Install$65+

Bottom Bracket Adjustment$45

Bottom Bracket/Bearing Install$75+

Chainring Install$35+

Heli Coil Install  $45

Left Crank Arm Install                         $25


Handlebar Service

Flat Handlebar Install$50

Road Handlebar Install $70

Aero Bar Install$50

Fork Install$85

Fork Overhaul$95

Headset Adjustment$20

Headset Install$40

Stem Install$35

Flatbar Shifter Install$55

Shifter Overhaul (Each)$65

Drop Down Shifter Install $185+

Handlebar Wrap$30

Misc Service

Grip Install$15

Pedal Install$15

Saddle Install$20

Bike Rack Install$40

Computer/GPS Install$45

Fender Install$40

Auto Hitch Rack Build + Install$60

Disassemble + Box for Shipping$90

Dropper Post Install$75

Dropper Post Bleed Out$65

Kickstand Install$15

Training Wheel Install$20

Shimano Pedal Service$40

Build Packages

Outside Bike Build$175

Adult Tricycle Build & Tune$225

Single Speed/Kid's Bike Build & Tune$100

Custom Build Starting at $425


Bike Fitting$230

Cleat Fitting$100

Saddle Fitting$50

Stem Fitting$65

DI2/ETAP Service

DI2 Firmware Update/Tune$75

DI2 Install (Per Unit)$85

ETap Install (Per Unit)                        $75     

Bring in your bike for service today.